Tea Shops to Visit in Tokyo

Dobashien Tea Company 土橋園 A tea shop in Akasaka Mitsuke, known as one of Tokyo&#8217


An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka

An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka Cups of perfectly steeped tea have been a fixture of Japanese

Onocha Tea

Sipping Sunday Away

What better way to spend a weekend than tasting teas and watching the rain fall? What should you look for when tasting your next cup? Here I'll consider several teas available through Yunomi. Together let's discover their benefits and taste differences! By now most people are...

Inside Kitahama Retro, seating is on the second floor.

An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka

An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka Cups of perfectly steeped tea have been a fixture of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Bring this Japanese tradition to life on your next trip to Osaka! From retro asian tea rooms to high-end shops, Osaka has everything...

Roasted Barley tea – Mugicha

Roasted Barley Tea – A Japanese Summertime Favorite

What is Roasted Barley Tea? Roasted barley tea, also commonly referred to as “mugicha,” is a popular beverage in Japan. Even though it is referred to as tea, it does not actually contain any tea leaves. Rather, it is an infusion of unhulled barley grains and...

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Social Sipping: Experience Japanese Tea Culture in Wazuka Town

Wazuka Town, nestled between rolling mountains and sleepy country roads, is a short drive from the glimmering prestige of Kyoto City. Accessible by bus, this charming town is slowly gaining the international recognition it deserves. For those interested in traditional Japanese culture, Wazuka is a hidden...


The top 3 souvenirs in Odawara.

Odawara city office made the list of the 33 special products which the odawara citizens chose. Here are three good products recommended for a souvenir. This ranking comes from 小田原セレクション2015「市民が選んだ 小田原みやげ」. Buy green tea direct from Japan 1: Odawara Kamaboko “Hokujo” Japanese name: 小田原かまぼこ 北條 Company: Odawara Isekane Kamaboko is the one of...

Night views of Mt. Fuji

Two beautiful evening photos of Mt. Fuji

Recently, we discovered an interesting photo sharing website that seems oriented at high-level amateur photographers photographing landscapes. Although the startup is based in California, it seems to have been started by a Japanese entrepreneur, and Japan-based landscape photos seem to dominate. As anyone following Yunomi's social...

Dancing Girl of Izu by Yasunari Kawabata

A Nobel Laureate’s Japanese Love Story

By Jeffrey Garrish Japanese Nobel Laureate of literature, Yasunari Kawabata (Image: Wikipedia). Yasunari Kawabata is one of Japan’s most well known authors. He created literary works in the early 20th century with some of his best known works being, Snow Country 『雪国』, Thousand Cranes 『千羽鶴』,...

matcha production

How much matcha is produced in Japan?

The largest manufacturer of matcha in Japan is likely Aiya Seicha based in the Nishio region of Aichi Prefecture. However, tracking matcha production is actually a bit difficult. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) only keeps track of production of agricultural crops, in other...