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Tea Samplers Club August 2013

The Monthly Mystery Tea Samplers Club featured three teas:

  1. Handpicked Midori First Flush Sencha Tea 2013 from the NaturaliTea by the Kinezuka Family
  2. Ureshino Gyokucha: Ochatama from Chakouan
  3. and Mulberry Tea from Kesennuma Kuwacha Eitoku

Download descriptions of the teas and tea gardens here (FIXED!).

We’d love to hear feedback from you on these teas. We are also investigating building the costs and methods of providing a way from non-English speaking producers and non-Japanese speaking tea lovers to communicate. We’d love to hear your ideas on this (especially if you are a web engineer)!

Please send your comments to us below. If you do not want these comments to be used as public testimonials, please put in [[double brackets]]. Otherwise, these comments may be used (your first name and country will be credited) on the product pages, and may be translated into Japanese to share with the farmers. Thank you very much!


Ian Chun

Ian is the co-founder and CEO of Matcha Latte Media, the parent company of the Yunomi brand.


  • Christopher Kirk
    2013/08/31 at 4:52 AM

    Really enjoying these! So far have tried the handpicked midori and wrote review here ( Also tried the Ureshino Gyokucha: Ochatama and absolutely loved it. Will post a review for that soon.

  • Charissa Gascho
    2013/08/27 at 2:00 PM

    I just tried the kuwacha sencha – this tea was pretty neat! So different than the common caffeine free teas here in north america. The flavor parallels sencha, but is also different. It was like cooked squash and buttered green beans vs. crisp vegetal.

    my review is here at my tea blog, The Oolong Owl:

    I imagine one could do more with this tea.. broth?

  • Julie_Mitchell
    2013/08/23 at 4:07 PM

    I received the samples a few days ago and tried the Ureshino Gyokucha: Ochatama by Chakouan straight away. I prepared it gung fu style with my teeny glass gung fu teapot. It was the freshest tea I’ve ever tried! I fell in love with it instantly! I tried four steepings and each one was amazing. The last steeping tasted very vegetal (couldn’t pin down the flavour) and had a lemon-y aftertaste that lingered for a long time afterward. It was like I had added a fresh squeeze of lemon to my tea, but less bitter. It was definitely my favourite. I still have a little left that I plan on more steepings.

    I have yet to try the others, but will report back with my findings!

  • Sanna Nalder
    2013/08/22 at 8:59 PM

    I received the samples today. Can’t wait to try them. An interesting selection.

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