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The current issues of tea factories in Shizuoka Prefecture

NIKKEI Newspaper reported that Shizuoka Prefecture, for the first time, will embark on support in restructuring and integration of tea factories that are joint-operated by tea farmers.

There are nearly 400 joint-operated tea factories in Shizuoka Prefecture and many are considering either closing or integration of the factory. Profitability has deteriorated due to the price slump and the number of factories suffering with management is increasing. To support such situation, the prefecture will dispatch experts such as lawyers and consultants to tea factories considering integration with a nearby tea factory, to advise on how to strengthen the production system of the tea farmers, seek for efficiency in operation, and increase sales channel.

We hope our (YUNOMI’S) efforts will eventually give all of these failing factories a new sales channel.

Mariko Yamazaki
Mariko Yamazaki

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