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YUNOMI Statistics: Age of tea farmers in Kyoto Prefecture, 2013

One of the primary motivations behind YUNOMI is the possibility that the entire Japanese tea industry is disappearing. Because 97% of Japanese tea produced stays in Japan, the decreasing consumption of tea in Japan is a huge problem. By increasing the number of farms, factories, and shops selling to people outside of Japan, we hope to expand the overall market.

BUT, in the long term, a very real aging population problem looms over the industry. Take a look at the below statistics for Kyoto Prefecture. 83.36% of tea farms in the region are farmed by farmers of 50 to 80+ years of age!

YUNOMI Statistics age of Kyoto tea farmers

Age Farmers Percent
<20 4 0.37%
20-29 19 1.77%
30-39 52 4.83%
40-49 104 9.67%
50-59 206 19.14%
60-69 333 30.95%
70-79 293 27.23%
80+ 65 6.04%

SOURCE: Kyoto Prefecture tea productions statistics
This source contains quite a bit of other info…please leave a comment if you have questions.

Ian Chun
Ian Chun

Ian is the co-founder and CEO of Matcha Latte Media, the parent company of the Yunomi brand.

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