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Lover of cream puffs? Then you must try Beard Papa's!

Beard Papa’s: Cream Puffs Unlike Any Other

Soft, fluffy, deliciously light with a heavenly scent. Who doesn’t like cream puffs? Not only are they easily customized, they also make a great addition to any occasion. Cream puff lovers are sure to have their favorite brand or recipe, but give Beard Papa’s a try and it just might become your new favorite.

Fresh and Natural Cream Puffs

Customers peruse the delicious selection at Beard Papa's

Source: Connie Ma via Flickr

As the most well-known cream puff vendor in Japan, Beard Papa’s is a beloved icon with people of all ages. The bright yellow signs accompanied by friendly Santa-like mascots are a familiar sight, as well as the long lines of customers. Made fresh daily with natural ingredients, the stores’ fragrant aroma always gives away their location.

Try the classic vanilla custard filling that rocketed the chain to fame  The creamy green tea custard is another popular favorite

Source: Beard Papa’s

First started in Osaka in 1999, Beard Papa’s made a name for itself with its trademark custard cream puffs. The menu has since expanded and now includes popular favorites like strawberry, green tea, chocolate, and caramel. Seasonal flavors are quite the trend in Japan, and many places have a large menu with select items that rotate throughout the year. Beard Papa’s offers special flavors during certain months, and customers frequently check the menu to see when their favorites will appear. Unusual flavors include mango yogurt, pineapple cream, caramel pumpkin, and black sesame.

Find Your Closest Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s reputation has only grown, and they now have over 200 stores in Japan, as well as branches in parts of Asia, Europe, North America, and more. Though not yet located in all 50 states, they do have a sizable presence in America. They currently have 14 locations in California and branches in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., Oregon, Kansas, and Washington.

Bite into the light and fluffy original cream puff shellOr the chocolate-covered eclair shellOr try this crunchy shell that's a mix between a churro and a donut

Source: Beard Papa’s

If you live near a store or are willing to make the drive for some heavenly desserts, you’re in for a special treat. Not only do the fillings come in multiple flavors, but the outside does as well. With options like chocolate-covered shells, cookie shells, or a crunchy churro shell, the combinations are mouthwatering! You can even choose mini-shells for bite-size treats. Some stores also offer additional desserts like chocolate lava cakes or mochi ice cream.

If you want to try something besides cream puffs, how about this chocolate lava cake?

Source: Maurina Rara via Flickr

Check out Beard Papa’s English website here for more location and product information. Keep in mind that items and availability may vary by store, and not all products are available year-round. And remember, you can never have too many cream puffs.

Make sure to take all your favorites home with you in this adorable box

Source: kaex0r via Flickr


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