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Beautiful weather and colorful leaves for the 2016 Chagenkyo Matsuri in Wazuka, Kyoto.

Welcome to the Chagenkyo Matsuri: Wazuka’s Teatopia Festival

What is Chagenkyo? Celebrating the long history of tea cultivation in Kyoto, the Chagenkyo Matsuri is a festival that has taken place annually for over 30 years. Located in the town of Wazuka, visitors can enjoy great tea and cultural education in a scenic location.Wazuka was one...

Kakishibu is a traditional Japanese dye created from persimmon juice.

Kakishibu: Natural Color for a Natural Life

[caption id="attachment_28527" align="alignright" width="200"] Kakeshibu Handbag, by Kyoto-based dye works company Maeda Senko[/caption] What is Kakishibu? Kakishibu is a natural dye derived from juicing unripe persimmons. The juice is then fermented to create the final product, a tannin which can be used in many domestic situations. This...

Inside Kitahama Retro, seating is on the second floor.

An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka

An Afternoon of Tea in Osaka Cups of perfectly steeped tea have been a fixture of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Bring this Japanese tradition to life on your next trip to Osaka! From retro asian tea rooms to high-end shops, Osaka has everything...

Roasted Barley tea – Mugicha

Roasted Barley Tea – A Japanese Summertime Favorite

What is Roasted Barley Tea? Roasted barley tea, also commonly referred to as “mugicha,” is a popular beverage in Japan. Even though it is referred to as tea, it does not actually contain any tea leaves. Rather, it is an infusion of unhulled barley grains and...