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Shincha, taste the difference

How is shicha different from regular tea? We know that shincha, literally “new tea”, is the first flush of leaves in the spring processed in to sencha. The special quality is that these first flush of leaves are very soft, delicate, and less astringent, unlike the...

Shincha tea picking event 2014 April at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms

2014 Shincha from Obubu Tea Farms

[gallery columns="4" ids="21005,21006,21007,21008"] SUPPLIER: Obubu Tea Farms Sencha of the Spring SunShipment begins Friday, May 16.Sencha of the EarthShipment begins Friday, May 16.Kabuse SenchaShipment begins Monday, June 16.Sencha of the WindShipment begins Monday, June 16. More info on shincha pre-order: [button size="medium" color="#FF7111" link=""]2014 SHINCHA PRE-ORDERS[/button] ...