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Europe/Lithuania – Import regulations

The Japan post office (Japan Post) does not have any restrictions on sending tea. However, they do have instructions stating an official import certificate from the appropriate commerce ministry in former Soviet Union countries is necessary for amounts greater than 200 grams....

Asia/Taiwan – Regulations & taxes on exporting tea to Taiwan from Japan

Documentation Japan Post lists on its website (in Japanese) that for shipments to individuals "a certificate of origin or a certificate of inspection issued by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs must be included if the shipment exceeds 6 kilograms." 6キログラムを超える場合は、原産地証明書 (certificate...

Europe/Italy – How do I import tea to Italy?

[groups_member group="administrator"]必要な書類情報[/groups_member] INDIVIDUALS We provide the documentation necessary to ship to Italy, however our experience with the Italian post office has not been good. We strongly suggest that individual use EMS shipping. When we send commercial goods to an individual, it is necessary to put the addressee's “codice...

Australia – Do you ship to Australia?

Yes we do! (^,^)/
We’ve had several inquiries about this prompting this FAQ, but we have shipped to Australia several times without any problems.

The import regulations for green tea do not require quarantine or inspection (see below link)

For the Sakura Tea, it...