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Beautiful weather and colorful leaves for the 2016 Chagenkyo Matsuri in Wazuka, Kyoto.

Welcome to the Chagenkyo Matsuri: Wazuka’s Teatopia Festival

What is Chagenkyo? Celebrating the long history of tea cultivation in Kyoto, the Chagenkyo Matsuri is a festival that has taken place annually for over 30 years. Located in the town of Wazuka, visitors can enjoy great tea and cultural education in a scenic location.Wazuka was one...

Traditional Japanese treats include seasonal fruits and nuts.

Wagashi: Traditional Japanese Sweets

Wagashi and Tea Wagashi (和菓子) are beautifully decorated, traditional Japanese sweets. Rice cakes (mochi), red bean sweets (anko bean paste), and some fruits are all common types of wagashi. A Short History of Wagashi The word "wa-gashi" is literally means "Japanese snacks." The first character "和" read "wa"...

mecha (tea ) and mecha (gundam)

Mecha vs. Mecha

Mecha ("ch" pronounced like chair) is tea made from leaf tips. Mecha ("ch" pronounced like mechanic) are humanoid robots piloted by teenagers in Japanese sci-fi themed animation (often teenagers filled with angst and burdened with the responsibility of saving the human race...


Tea Recipe: Sauteed mixed veggies with green tea leaves in oyster sauce

Sauteed mixed veggies with green tea leaves in oyster sauce by maricel p. villanueva SERVING SIZE: 2-3 servings PREPARATION TIME: 20 minutes INGREDIENTS 2tbsp. olive oil 4 cloves garlic (chopped) 1pc white onion (strips) 1/2 cup carrots (strips) 1/2 cup turnips (strips) 1cup baby corn 1cup green tea leaves (soaked) 3tbsp oyster sauce 1/2 tsp brown sugar 1/4 cup...

Green Tea Pesto

Green Tea Pesto

After a tea picking event, I, staff Haruna, made my own tea using a skillet and microwave. But still I had so much fresh tealeaves left, I tried to make green tea pesto! (Actually it was pesto-like sauce, as I didn't use any pine nuts, basil leaves...