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Chasen: Handcrafted Japanese Tea Whisks

Handcraft Chasen [caption id="attachment_28806" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Photo Credit:[/caption] Chasen are Japanese tea whisks used to create delicious, frothy matcha tea. The whisks are used during Japanese tea Ceremony (Sado), which focuses on careful mindfulness when enjoying tea. The ceremony focuses on the tradition and culture of...

Do you know where to go for tea in Kyoto?

Tea Rooms to Visit in Kyoto

When visiting Kyoto, your tea options may seem limitless. Finding your perfect place to sip away the afternoon take some trial and error. Before you go, consider our short list of remarkable tea spots around the city. Tea Room Ceremony Juan Located within walking distance of the...

Roasted Barley tea – Mugicha

Roasted Barley Tea – A Japanese Summertime Favorite

What is Roasted Barley Tea? Roasted barley tea, also commonly referred to as “mugicha,” is a popular beverage in Japan. Even though it is referred to as tea, it does not actually contain any tea leaves. Rather, it is an infusion of unhulled barley grains and...

Kettle Brewing

Certain teas are best when brewed in a kettle, that boiling the water with the leaves inside. This is the difference we make between the word "steeping" and "brewing". We use "steep" to mean infusing the water (hot or cold) with flavor extracted from the...

Yokota Tea Garden tea field photo in Spring (Sayama, Saitama)

Yokota Tea Garden: Sayama tea field photo on a rainy day

A quick note from the tea fields if Sayama, Saitama: this morning it rained unexpectedly so we couldn't work on the fields, says tea farmer Yasuhiro Yokota. Shop the Yokota Tea Garden [caption id="attachment_26821" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Yokota Tea Garden tea field photo in Spring (Sayama, Saitama)[/caption]...


Aomori Dattan Sobacha Bread

Recipe by Reiko Taichi Servings: 6 pieces *This recipe uses baking machine. Ingredients 2 Tablespoon Aomori Dattan Sobacha 200g Bread flour 10g Wheat bran (optional so can be omitted if not in stock) 15g Cane sugar (or granulated sugar if not in stock) 140cc Warm water 15g Unsalted butter 3g Dry yeast 3g Salt (Salt from...