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Yokota Tea Garden tea field photo in Spring (Sayama, Saitama)

Yokota Tea Garden: Sayama tea field photo on a rainy day

A quick note from the tea fields if Sayama, Saitama: this morning it rained unexpectedly so we couldn't work on the fields, says tea farmer Yasuhiro Yokota. Shop the Yokota Tea Garden [caption id="attachment_26821" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Yokota Tea Garden tea field photo in Spring (Sayama, Saitama)[/caption]...


Akio Kurihara-san’s way of recycling tea

生育が少し良くない畑にもみ殻堆肥を投入してます。 これは茶工場で出た茶しぶダゴや、はわき集めた茶粉を混ぜて作った堆肥。 いわば再利用。無駄なく茶畑に還すってことですね。 Adding chaff compost to the tea field that is not growing as expected. The compost is made from remains of tea incrustation and powder of tea leaves gathered at the tea processing facility. In other words, recycling. We return the remains of tea back into the tea...